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COVID19 Pandemic Statistics for Iowa
Total Tests   758388
Positive Tests   84476
Hospitalized   0 or not reported
Deaths   1328
Last Update   9/29/2020 00:00

  The typical Iowan is taxed at a rate of 1.29% for property, a maximum of 8.98% for income and up to 6.00% for sales. Compared to the national averages Iowa earns a score of poor 👎 for property taxes, poor 👎 for income taxes and average for combined local and state sales tax. Quick links to regions of Iowa with predicted increasing and decreasing valuations.

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  Iowa has approximately 3,130,869 residents. A common term for people in Iowa is "Iowan". Within this population there are around 39,076 births and 28,310 deaths per year. Approximately 84.9% of this population speaks English exclusively. Conversely, 0.4% of this population has no verbal English skill. On average, real estate listings in Iowa are on the market for 72 days. The Market Health Index for Iowa is 4.71. Dallas is the wealthiest of all counties in Iowa. The least wealthy of all counties in Iowa is Decatur.

Daily state facts: Iowa is home to Drake University, Grinnell College, Iowa State University and Graceland University.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Iowa employment in August 2020 was 1,616,784, unemployment was 96,536 or 6.0% of total jobs.

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Iowa Counties with the most and highest percentage of democrat voters; the most and highest percentage of republican voters and the most and highest percentage of other voters in the 2016 presidential election.

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